Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Many Changes That Go On

So much happens in a year, in months, in weeks, in days...even within a day. It is astounding and flabbergasting and so....very fast. I wish it could stop or I could press the slower button.

Time stops for no one though and in the end, memories are all we have. There have been so many good memories for me in SL.

I learned to control my avatar with the arrow keys. I learned to fly with pgup and pgdn. I learned how to teleport, how to make landmarks, how to add/remove friends from my friend list, how to shop wisely, how to earn lindens, how to build, how to create things, how to take snapshots, and more. It has been wonderful for me and I've had some good friends to share my joy with me. They've seen me mad, sad, even silly. Haha.

I started reading archived entries from brinda. And even now, they are still so relevant. Some entries are funny, some sad, and some are an interesting mix. I am always touched by her words, her wit, her attitude...her aura.

My old SL bro Brandon once said to me, "Vic, you're all about friends." So true and I miss him very much. He will always be a dear friend.

In just a year, I have loved, lost, raged, cried, and aged a bit. No gray hair here heh heh, but I hope that I am wiser. And I hope that I do my friends proud.



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