Saturday, August 06, 2011

Forgiveness in life

In the past, I've written some angry words on here about people who have hurt me. Some was true, some was a bit distorted. I am ashamed of that. Thankfully, I have let go of it all. I have to let go. Holding on to that is hurting myself and life is hard enough to take already.

There's a prayer I remember that goes something like "Give me the strength to accept that there are things that I cannot change." We have limitations. We blame others for being unhappy. We make conditions like, "If I was smarter, I'd make more money" or anything like that that is something that we never had. We want some feature we weren't programmed with, so to speak.

We all forgive someday. It's comfortable to hold anything. But it's always best to just let go. One tenet of Buddhism I like is that you don't hold on to yesterday. You must live Here and Now.

Here's to trying...



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