Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being in the know, in the now....

Lately I've become more reflective of life. There are several reasons for this...making a friend who I bounced philosophical ideas off of but most importantly...realizing that a friend who I thought would be there for a few more years won't be there for a few more years. I like the quotation "We have all the time in the world"...taken from an Ian Fleming book (one of the 007 novels). Honestly, that just isn't true. What time we have is the time we are afforded in life. She asked me..."how long is the rope?" How long do you think your life is? Of course I said I didn't know. Who really knows how long their rope is?

Since my rez day passed, this has also affected my way of thinking. While that philosophy friend turned out to only be interested in flings and flirting, it taught me a good lesson. First, if you hang out at a dance place...most likely you'll find people who just like to flirt and they might be flakes. Second, brainy people don't always act smart. But then anyone can act stupid regardless of education or intelligence level.

Life is for the living and we must live it well. A teacher once said, "The best revenge is living well." I always keep that in my mind.

Before he was Ram Dass, he learned to "be here now". The past and the future didn't matter. He lives in the moment.

I too want to get more in touch with my spiritual side. I want to feel more at peace with the universe and myself.

I have since made a new friend who seems more understanding and patient. I am content. Where will the friendship lead? I hope to find out.

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