Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New beginnings and old memories...

Yesterday, I started the 60-day Insanity! challenge. It is so different from any workout I have ever done. It mixes interval training with resistance exercises. It is truly a challenge. I feel sore and stiff, but motivated. I decided to keep a log. So this is day 2 of Insanity!

I also started talking to two friends who I have not spoken to in awhile. It feels good. To new beginnings!

As to old memories, I visited my old junior high school. I was there for four years...5-8th grade. That was the first time since I left in June 2001. I really missed it. I saw a few teachers and one girl who I sort of knew. Just walking around the school brought back so many memories. The front doors were different. The secretary was different. Mrs. Lewis was still there. The pastor is still there and he was teaching a class in the library. I had wanted to go up on the balcony, but I did not want to disturb his class. The principal is the same, but he was at another satellite school. There are 2 other satellites...wow! The school has really expanded and grown. There was only the one school when I was there. The area near the Afica lake was fenced and off limits. I had wanted to go down there. I would go there whenever I could, when I was younger. I would read and talk to God and sit on a square rock. I really miss it. And the playground was still there, except for some new toys. The old slide and swings and see-saw were still there. Wow. I thought of my best friend. The auditorium had the same chairs, except that there were less of them. It seemed like the room had shrunk. The podiums looked much the same. I saw the jr high school room, and the room I had science in...it was so different. Now, the school has kindergarten to 6th graders. I did not see any high schoolers. The parking lot when we arrived was so empty. I walked into the room where I remember my crush used to go in to get his stuff...it was just a locker room...no desks, just a few chairs. I felt empty, but I had the memories to keep the smile in my eyes and in my heart.

I learned that most of my teachers had left...science teacher, computer teacher, latin teacher, English teacher, music teacher, and maybe even my catholic history teacher is gone. I was glad to see some familiar faces. The school nurse is still the same, but she was not at school today. Her little son is now 11 and loves basketball. Wow. Time flies. I saw him when he was 3 and was just starting to walk. Hehe. He was so cute.

Before mom and I left, I turned in an application form for substitute teaching. I am interested in teaching. It will be just a temporary thing, if they call me back. I am not certified. However, I have some tutoring/teaching experience. I have a good feeling that I will get called back. I did not get to talk to Mrs. Lewis, but I know that she remembers me. I know the principal remembers me. He once told my mom that she did a great job raising me. He taught me history and alegebra I one year, that was fun.

I was telling my mom yesterday how I wanted to visit my old school. I was surprised that she wanted to take me there today. It was a really pleasant surprise. And I am glad that we went. I hope to come back soon. There are more people that I need to see and talk to.

Until next time.