Friday, August 05, 2011

For the love of Brinda...

Since mid-July I've known about how sick brinda is. It really saddens me and for so long, I kept going and put on a smile and said "we can get through this!" But for a few days now, I've realized that I was kidding myself. I'm not that strong. My heart aches. I long to talk to her about Buddhism or some of her old friends. And there are so many. Here's a post by Soror Nishi. So lately, I've been getting in touch with those she names in her blog. I have talked to many so far. All are quite nice and helpful. But I'm nowhere near done yet. They have been touched that I have reached out to them. I think they need to know. Brinda has been so goood to thousands of people/avatars. She has a way about her.

I give you, She's got a Way...

She will be missed and remembered for always. Her legacy is about helping out those who need help, caring for others, and spreading love to others.

Before her, SL was confusing and bland. When she came along, SL seemed so much richer and exciting. Whether we went to see some of the historic sims or went to a concert, it was always fun. I will always remember those excursions fondly.

Here's another song, this one by Sarah McLachlan.

Namaste. Enjoy life.



Anonymous said...

I hold your hand and offer this poem I wrote of Brinda a few days ago, sent it to her and hoping she gets it:

There's this lady I met
Surely by chance
Unless you believe in
An eternal dance

Which brings two spirits
together again
To simply remind
And help us retain

Our beautiful friendship
That everlasts

There's this tall woman
I came across
Who seemed to
Never be lost

Who always heard
our song,
Spoken or expressed,
Right or wrong,

Of our true understanding
Never surpassed

This dear Lady Brinda
Is a part of me
And she will always exist
As far as I can see

Beyond which I know
In all future and all past

What joy I feel
What song I can sing
To know her
It's such a simple thing

Until the next time
It won't be the last

-- Andor.

Lenoirre said...

Profoundly beautiful, Andor. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure Brinda will be very happy when she sees it. :-D