Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and more...

Before I write about Thanksgiving weekend, I want to write about how I have been doing. In my last entry I wrote about Shaun T's Insanity! workout. Well about 2 weeks ago, I completed the 60 days! It is amazing! I did not lose much, but I feel lighter and my muscles have more definition. Even though I am done with the 60 days, I still want to continue using the program. There are so many moves that are challenging and ones that I can do, but they really get me sweating. I especially want to work on building up my upper body strength. I have always been weak in that area. I want to be able to do a lot of pushups. I want to firm up my triceps.

I have started to write a children's story. I have a few characters to develop and the settings to finalize. I also need to do a lot of research. I hope to finish it in a year or two. The hard part is writing everyday and actually finishing it. It is so easy to start projects and then just drop them, without even finishing. It is like starting to read a book, but only reading the first few chapters before abandoning the book. That has been happening a lot to me lately. But I hope to work on that and overcome that character flaw. I need to be diligent and persistent and steadfast in whatever I choose to take on. Abandoning anything...that is what makes a person a flake, as people say.

And now on to how Thanksgiving!

It was a nice weekend, actually. It was all 4 of us at home. We ate some turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, and drank egg nog. Later we watched a movie, during which my mom and dad drifted off to sleep. I stayed wide awake. Last night, I finally got to watch Angels and Demons. I enjoyed watching it. I would not mind watching it again. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors. He always brings a dignified manner to his roles, when he is not yelling or complaining like in his earlier roles. I liked seeing him in Turner and Hooch though. Hahaha. I also got to try mochi, a Japanese dessert with red bean paste in the middle. Each one is bite-sized and soft and gummy. I really like it.

Well, until next time. Chau!