Monday, February 25, 2013

Feelings and friends?

Feelings. We all have them. It's just terrible when a person seems to string you along. They can say "I'm sorry", as much as they like, but doesn't change the fact that they inflicted hurt...that they disappointed.

If all they can do is apologize and keep disappointing, then are they really a friend? Do they really care? How can you be sure that they mean what they say if this happens two, three times, or more? It is  just tiring to get up the conviction that they indeed are sorry and that it will be better next time.

One of the best things anyone can do is to just be honest and try not to mislead anybody. It is not fair, not to mention unkind and just unnecessary.

In day to day life, people will take you for your word unless they have reason to believe that you are untrustworthy and/or lacking credibility.

Sad to say, if you have let someone down even twice, that affects how people feel about you. They are less lucky to take you that seriously. So it is so important to stick by your word and mean what you say.

If you say you will think about a decision, give yourself days or even a week to think it over. Never make a decision like, "Oh, I changed my mind," just hours later. It just makes you look rash, impulsive, and impatient.

In this day and age though, with the Internet and technology, everything can be done a whole lot faster in terms of finding information and communicating with others. But one thing that should not get faster is our decision-making or our way of really relating to anyone. Choices can affect others and every choice should be thought through and changing one's mind all the time, can hurt another person. Like say you say you will marry someone and then the day after you say you will not. That hurts. It is like the air got deflated from your balloon. Your hopes were up high and then you were quickly let down. It hurts a lot and it takes time to get over the disappointment. Everyone has feelings and feelings can be quite fragile. It takes maturity and experience to understand how to treat others with consideration and care.

So  that's what I had to vent about lately.