Thursday, November 24, 2011

About using alternate accounts in SL

I remember first learning about alts from my mentor. She told me she had about 20. I was shocked. I even got to meet a few of her alts. But I realized that she had alts for work and so she wouldn't be as distracted so she could do work around her sim or get pictures for her blog with few interruptions.

Today I finally took pics of my main alt, Angelina. I use Angelina to help with building, exploring, and for holding some lindens. I used  to use her for a photo model back when I worked for Wonderful Evenings. That was my first SL job and I met my first editor in SL. I will never forget him and I hope to talk  to him again soon. He is truly a wonderful friend to me. He wasn't just an editor to me, he was someone I felt like I could talk to.

Thanks to Giancarlo, a friend of mine, who owns LIM, Less is More, for the cyber eyes. The ones I wear are the prototypes. Now, he has 2 versions out that can be altered through a HUD. It's so much easier to use than those HUDS for shoes. LOL. I find that funny. I own the V3 deus ex version. He's a great scripter and a great builder too. Here's his store in marketplace.

I took these at an Elven glen. I thought it was a nice place to change my windlight settings in.

The night before, I took part in a photohunt.

I'm having fun taking pics. My friend Graham has been giving me tips to improve my photo skills and I've been experimenting on my own too.

Lest I forget, happy thanksgiving all of you! Enjoy the turkey, stuff, desserts, and being around the ones you care about.

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