Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I'm not going to say the word. :P

I have gone back to writing. I have been writing a short story for practice, and 2 interviews for PURE magazine. The last article I completed on Sunday...was tough. The designer said he'd get back to me, but he didn't. It took many days and a lot of frustration. I managed to whip something up and I think it's good enough. I have no delusions that it's my best piece, but it's sufficient. I made the deadline, days early, and I made the required number of words. I had more fun with the first article about an art gallery. I won't divulge details until they're published.

I have started to write about another art gallery or should I say garden. It's a beautiful spot behind a little library. I met the owner and she's such a kind woman. I think we could talk for hours about books and limitations and more.

Once again, I have got mixed up in love. I adore this guy, but he's just absorbed with his ex. He says it's temporary. Well, I have a feeling it's not. She's not going to let him go like that. No matter what he says now, I don't believe him. He could've told her it's over, but he's still into her and he might just fall back into step with her. It hasn't been long since the break. I told him that it feels like I'm "being played" by him. He was 'a little insulted' and left. But you know what, that's nothing. It's only 'a little'. I have been looking at the situation from a bird's eye view and it leaves me out on the sidelines and it leaves me baffled and very disappointed. And I think they need to let go. But I don't see that happening. So, I'll let go. I won't be marginalized or made to be the third wheel.

Okay, so he's confused. But why not step away? I'll be the strong one in this situation, take control, and leave. I know I'm better off on my own.

I have talked about him with other friends. And they all seem to say that I should be distant and/or just move on. One even said to wait 2 weeks. I might be distant and eventually, I'll have let go.

How can I love someone who can get distracted by their past and doesn't value their present enough? I'm there, but I'm ignored unless I squeak. But what if I don't want to squeak? Isn't my presence enough?


Biebs said...

congrats on the getting back in to writing, i wish i could write i have so many ideas but i have trouble putting those ideas and stories into words on paper. on the whole relationship thing i think you made the right choice, lately my friends and coworkers have been hounding me what seems like daily about getting a girlfriend. it gets bothersome that everyone thinks i need one. they think i spend to much time alone, but that's who i am. i am an computer geek/nerd and most western Kansas females I've met don't understand that choice of lifestyle. i live in the wrong area haha! also ther eare no coffee shops not local hang out areas here when you go out you go to the bars, not my cup o tea.

Brinda said...

For what it's worth Dear: