Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lion for Lalo

Lalo loved furries and he was a furry in SL.

In one of our recent conversations, he spoke about a lion furry avatar from Dark Spot Designs. I saw it, but I thought he'd appreciate it more than me so I didn't buy it. It's one of the nicest looking furries I've ever seen. I have seen a lot.

Last night, I resolved to buy it and  take a photo in it.

I might even go around as a lion for awhile, I don't know.

Anyway, here's me as a male lion.

Me as a male lion furry at Lalo's front door
 The review he sent me is here: http://www.slarf.org/dark-spot-designs-lion/

It's a good furry. It has ear movement, jaw movement, eye movement, animated tail, comes with both a PG & Mature skin.  I chose to wear the PG male skin. But once you rezz the box and click it, you can choose what sex you want to unpack. This is the lion in sand color. There are other colors too, but I liked this color the best.

It doesn't come with an AO, but it's fine. It works fine with my Vista AO.

So um, that's it. And I'll be a  furry lion on the grid for awhile.


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