Friday, December 30, 2011

The Holidays and a flurry of activity

Such is life, always something going on.

I had a nice Christmas holiday. I hope you all did too. It's nice to have family and friends to spend it with. Plus, I was glad  that it didn't snow a lot in my area. I have never liked snow. I always manage to get wet, my socks or my pants....whatever. LOL.

In SL, on Christmas Eve, I got engaged to my friend and love Roo who I've known since late October. I met him at Morris, where I first rezzed as a newbie. I was missing my mentor, so I went to visit. I was standing around just watching people talking and walking by me. Brinda would watch people in Morris, to see which ones looked lost or kept to themselves, kind of standing in the corner. Anyway, I see a quadroped Alaskan wolf avatar walk by. He asks for the time, saying he wants to see how long he'll be in SL until he crashes. He had computer issues, something to do with hardware. I forget the specifics. Roo was the one who told him the time and I offered to help keep track of time as well. Roo then asks the wolf man how he can walk on four legs. Roo had a fox avatar that only walked on 2 legs. I started listening and eventually, I was standing near where the wolf and Roo were talking. Eventually the wolf crashes, but I keep talking to Roo and I friend him. And ever since that day, we've been friends. That was a great afternoon, though at the time it felt ordinary.

I love the ring he got me. It's not the most expensive one and it's not on the first page of the engagement section, thankfully. The ones on the front page are too flashy, too lavish, and too expensive. LOL. In any life, I don't like to spend a lot on things like jewelry or clothing.

Just weeks before, I had unpartnered Lrak and was feeling so lost and desolate. Lrak is a good man, but his real life was keeping him busy. I realized I just wasn't happy with him. We hardly communicated.

Days before I unpartnered Lrak, I realized that I had feelings for Roo. Roo made me feel valued and that he cared and wouldn't let me fret for weeks on end, not know what was going on with him. Life just seems lighter and happier with Roo. It feels great to be appreciated. My hope is that he remains in my life for a very very long time.

In terms of animating, I've been working on some AO stands and walks. One client is happy with a set of Babylon 5 stand and walk I made just for him. It was a challenge loading the animations into the hud, having never done it before. Then I needed to explain it to him. But, I managed okay and so far, I have not had any complaints from him. The other client is working on a Steampunk AO. I am working on a walk for him then he has other animations he needs. I should have the other animations for him in a few weeks.

Be safe, warm, and happy this winter season! Be you!

On that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2012!


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