Friday, January 21, 2011

The Perfect SL Woman?

Today I logged into secondlife.com and happened to see a discussion post asking guys what they like in a SL woman. The poster was named Venus, pretty fitting right? Venus is the Roman god of love, Greeks called her Aphrodite (the better name in my opinion). I read through all the 11 pages, skimmed the last few actually. It left me feeling baffled, amused, and disgusted.

Do you even have to ask? Number one thing guys go for a hot avatar...boobs, long legs, full lips, all the right curves...real life and second life. All this talk about intelligence and sense of humor, it's mostly conjecture and talk. All guys have the need for attractiveness, sexual appeal.

I said in one post that I'm considered intelligent. So why am I alone and constantly getting rejected or laughed at? Intelligence sets people apart. It makes them square, stubborn, and free-spirited. I have never been like the other girls. Most guys, if they understand that, wouldn't say they like intelligence. A smart person doesn't have to necessarily depend on company or just one person to satisfy them. A smart person goes to art, literature, music, building, scripting...not dancing all the time or hanging at clubs.

I know I haven't been a member of SL for long, but my meager experience tells me that guys like a new girl for the first month. And if she doesn't want to show more skin or throw herself at him, or make him her Sun...then he'll move on. Most guys seem to be like that. At least for 2 guys I've known, they knew they couldn't be my center, so they found a woman who idolized them more than I did or ever could.

I like to do what I want to do. Most of the time, I wander alone whether in my thoughts or on the grid. I spend time with friends everyday, but I can't and won't let one person take up all my SL time, never again.

One girl or guy in the thread said f*** you. Good answer actually. Guys test a new girl in the first month. Obviously I fail, but it's fine with me. I am happy as I am...writing, estate managing, exploring, slapping MM boards, building, sorting inventory, taking classes and I think that's it. I like being productive. The 'friends' I have who don't do much, they end up cutting my card. I try not to mind it too much. I won't change just for that person. I may be young, but I'm not young enough that I can be easily changed. Stubborness runs in both sides of my family.

I learned how to make prim sandals at NCI, very cool. I intend to make many more. I got some new gem textures lately.

I haven't had any visitors to my store lately. I have joined some MM groups and I got one MM board. I'll keep trying. I hope to see Tsali soon. I'm still worried by his long absence.

Until later.


Brinda said...

Vic... your only truest goal is to be true to your self. While most of my friends are women... I cherish those few men that are my friends here in Secondlife. Later today when we meet in world, I will chat with you about the latest chat I've been having with another guy that may well prove to be another decent guy. They are around... all about boundaries.

AlexHayden Junibalya said...

"Beauty without intelligence is an illusion that is close to disenchantment. It is like a fairy that fascinates us, as long as we look at her through the enchanting prism of her beauty. However, it disappears as soon as the light of reason penetrates beyond.." - Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera

And everything that Brinda said too...